MBK 51v

The 1981 Motobecane 51v, my first love. A full single variated (CVT) AV10 engine conversion running a 15hp 50cc Bidalot cylinder. Fully built with winning in mind.

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Bidalot RS

A rare bike even in France, this one was custom made with aluminum and imported to my door to be completed. Unlike the MBK 51v, this frame uses a parallelogram design for optimal horsepower output while retaining the single variated CVT. Truly one of a kind design!

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Community Build Project 1

Starting off with a 1979 Motobecane 50v frame, you will help me build a complete bike. Vote for what parts to install and the type of fabrication we'll be doing. Each week, I'll show you the outcome at each episode.

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My first 4 stroke bike. I am currently going through restoration and have plans to do some sort of cafe inspired build out of it as well as actual performance tuning to have it "do the ton". A fun project and interesting bike to work on.

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